Innovative Funeral

n2rkare inside van
Honor us, put your trust into our Kare

What makes Into Our Kare innovative? Our ability to provide the serenity of a funeral home-style atmosphere almost anywhere in North Carolina. Our funeral coach was hand built by the owner Clay Bruggeman with concern for those parts of the funeral service that have left some people under-served.

"Embrace the Life They Lived."

Sometimes this means offering our services at a current residence or a nursing home. Sometimes it’s overlooking breathtaking views of one of many beautiful areas in North Carolina, such as a stream, park, or mountain. This is done using a unique, luxurious funeral service motor coach that has a conference room and viewing room. We aim to revolutionize the funeral industry and make losing a loved one more bearable by being there wherever you need us.

  • We use HEPA Air Purifiers that are paired with an easily sanitized office space, creating a more controlled environment than you may experience when visiting some traditional funeral homes.
  • We are limited-mobility friendly and offer standard wheelchair accessibility. This allows spouses and other family members who may not be able to travel to a traditional funeral home to show their love, share their grief, and say their final farewell.
  • You never have to visit a funeral home. After a loss, just getting out of bed can be a victory, we will never make you travel to us. You focus on you, your family, and your healing. We’ll focus on the service.
n2rkare inside van
n2rkare tent
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